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-API 8200 16 Channel Mixer

-Dangerous 2-BUS
-Protools Ultimate HDX

-Ableton Live

-Lynx Aurora Converters
-Mytek Converters
-Crane Song Converters
-Antelope Pure 2 (Master Clock)

Outboard Gear

-Empirical Labs Distressors (2)
-Empirical Labs Fatso
-Tube Tech CL1B

-Crane Song Falcon Compressor

-Empirical Labs DocDerr 
-4 Ch. Custom Preservation Sound Tube DI
-Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
-Delta Labs ADM 1024 (EFFECTRON)
-Roland SRV-2000

-Eventide H3000
-EMT 140 ST Plate
-Sherman Filter Bank 2



-Original AKG 414 Comb (1972)
-DPA 4060's (2)
-Schoep's CMC6 w/
Cardioid/Hypercardioid Capsule (2)
-Beyerdynamic Vintage Soundstar

-Shure KSM27

-Assorted other mics, 57s, 421s, etc.

Microphone Preamps

-2 Channels Custom Preservation Sound Tube Pre
-2 Channels Neve 33114 w/ EQ

-1 Rupert Neve 511
-2 Channels Langevin Vocal Combo
-2 Channels Bryston BMP2 
-Focusright ISA430


-Wurlitzer 200a

-Rhodes Suitcase (88 keys)
-Akai AX-60
-Akai S612 8-bit Sampler
-Akai MPC3000 16-bit Sampler
-Dave Smith Prophet 08

-Moog Minimoog Voyager OS
-Sequential Circuits Six-Track

-Waldorf Blofeld (2)
-Yamaha DX7
-Assorted Woodwinds
-Assorted Bass/Guitars and Amps
-Assorted Pianos


-Waves Platinum Bundle HDX/Native
-Sony Oxford Full Bundle HDX/Native
-Sound Toys Full Bundle
-Eventide Anthology Plus
-UAD-2 Octo Universal Audio Full Bundle
-FabFilter Bundle
-Massey Plugins Pack
-Cranesong Plugins

-Spectrasonics Instruments 
-Arturia Anthology

-Autotune Pro

-Melodyne Studio

-Acoustica Bundle

-Plus many many many more.....


-Focal Solo 6's w/ Sub
-Sennheiser HD650's
-Crane Song Avocet

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